Daam Last Episode

18 Episodes of outright excite, genuine show; enthralling the watchers brains and contemplations for 18 straight weeks… personality blowing, stunning, incredible… Mehreen Jabbar and group – much obliged!

Umaira Ahmed’s Daam thora hath kay tha… far from the shabby romantic tales and average chichorapan of Pakistan TV. Daam was distinctive and it really merited its spot as top or second best show amid the 18 weeks of its airing. Daam… you beat my diagrams!

Scene 18 didn’t come as a shock to me. I had expected a dismal completion, after all its composed by Umaira Ahmed 🙂 Actually, let me adjust myself; it wasnt a tragic closure, it was a practical decision that Zara made. Zara is not only a character, she is an element in herself. This was her life and she had enough of individuals guiding her and how to live it. Be it her destitution that managed her adolescence or her mamoo who blamed her for taking, or her companion who got her exclusive dinner every day, this grown-up Zara was not willing to bow down to any weight. She chose… pakistani dramas and Humayoon Saeed won the heart of our delightful Zara! She is the caring young lady who gives up her satisfaction, her adoration for her family, for Seemi.

This show takes us through a large number of issues that have ruined our general public… . childish relatives, the merciless class contrast, the effect of raising a bastard youngster (Fizza), the agonies of destitution, the yield of intimate romance, the cost of companionship DAAM!

I will recollect the last scene as a result of Junaid. All through the dramatization I had genuine questions regarding why Adeel Hussain had been assumed the part of such a solid, sweet character of Junaid. This scene whitewashed every one of my questions away. Adeel Hussain-you ought to be glad for your solid, intense acting in Episode 18. It was just stunning to see the quality and enthusiasm in your exchanges… I as a watcher really felt the torment in your voice and it appeared as though you could feel Junaid’s agony also. Not the slightest bit did it appear to be fake or exaggerated. I adored each and every of your scenes in the last scene… bravo!

Fizza, my dear unshakable “rationally irritated aurat”! Sadly there are an excessive number of like you out there. I am happy that your character was so all around played by Sanam Saeed. Such a large number of lives can be affected by one people goals, wishes and sick inspirations who never trusted men since “they are all egotistical and arrogrant”. Really, it is a direct result of Fizza that Maliha, Junaid and Zara all endured.

At last, Maliha… my dear Maliha! Did Zara pardon her? Maliha is such a mind boggling character. She offers a double dealing conciliatory sentiment, on one hand she acknowledges that what she did to Zara was uncalled for yet she is additionally frightened of Zara tolerating Junaid and that demolishing her marraige. She at last gets a few faculties thumped into her head and leaves Yasir, yet its past the point of no return… Maliha “farishta say insan bangayee”… Dignity and confidence – to what lengths would one be able to go to accomplish/keep up that? Maliha was our answer; tragically she is a reality. This is a sickness that has overwhelmed our general public – it is suffocating and ideally Daam’s solid message can change the points of view of a few people out there.

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